The benefits of being a single mum

One of the toughest things in life, especially parenting, is raising a child or children as a single mum. However, this can also be the same can also be very rewarding once you have learned how to be a responsible single mum to your children. It begins by accepting that you have to raise and provide for your children alone without depending on someone. The following are some of the benefits of being a single mum :

  1. The attention you give to your children is undivided.

As a mother, you need to give your attention to your children and also to your husband when you are married. Your husband needs your attention, and at the same time, your children demand your attention. However, when you are a single mum, you have to give your full attention and love to your children alone. Your attention is only directed to your children every time you are with them since the focus is undivided.

  1. Single mums have the opportunity to make every decision.

Unlike the married mums who have to consult their husbands first before making any decisions, single mums make every decision especially parenting decisions on their own without consulting anyone. They decide things like where to live with their kids, the type of friends to associate with, what kind of food to eat, the religion to follow, and also the school to attend. They are responsible for deciding every other thing that is concerning the children.

  1. Single mums get to manage their finances.

A single mum just like a single parent has the opportunity to decide how to spend their money, with who and with what. They have no one to consult before making any withdrawals from their account, unlike married mums who must discuss with their husbands about their plans, make a budget and also purchases of what they need if the husband allows them to spend their money.

  1. It encourages one to be responsible and independent.

When you are a single mum, you have to do all the house chores on your own, take your child to school in the morning and take the child back home from school, make all decisions concerning your child,  pro guide your child with all the basic needs and also protect the child. Since you have no one to help you perform all these duties and responsibilities alone as a single mum, you will end up learning how to be independent and responsible in everything that you do. It is rare to find a single mum who is dependent and irresponsible.

  1. Single mums become their daughters and sons role models.

Being a single mum means that one must be responsible and independent in every aspect of life. For this reason, single mums possess compelling characters that their children admire to have in the future.


Although most people think that it’s not advantageous to be single mums, there are so many benefits of being a single mum to both the mothers and their children.