How to be a fun mum

Yes, I know, I know! Even stay at home mums get to ask this question and other confusing ones where parenting is a concern. Let’s walk you through these few steps of being the next fun mum in town.

Always stay true to who you are.

You don’t need to be at work throughout the day, to create time or make a steady appearance to have fun with the kids. You don’t need to play hide and seek repeatedly with them, sure those games are fun, however, you can stock in the estimation of sharing your identity with the kids and finding approaches to manage your time and their fun life.

If you love sports or good at sports, discover techniques and strategies to fix it into your parenting skills. If you also love science, share ideas with your kids and create opportunities to do projects together. If you also have talent like dancing, singing and playing any instrument at all, you shouldn’t hide it from your kids.  Let them see an image of who you are. Create time to teach them what you know and have fun doing it. Be your identity with your kid since it’s a delightful blessing to give.

Be the Brave mum, as in the “Brave” movie.

Truly, remain consistent with your identity yet, besides, be bold enough to attempt new things. A wonderful aspect regarding being a parent is seeing the world through a child’s eyes.

An Adventurous Mum is everyone’s favourite.

Through a child’s eyes, the world is one major experience! Enable yourself to live and enjoy the experience of parenting through the highs and lows.

Explore your own city with your kids! Jump on the ship, transport or train and get off at one stop for every trip and investigate that zone. Search for parks, bistros, any nearby attractions, and fascinating houses.

Be creative and not predictable

Creativity is the way to critical thinking and life span in the experience of parenting. Find innovative approaches to life, and tackle the numerous difficulties you run over.

Be imaginative.

Dream a little, imagine a ton, and you’ll be astonished at the amount you can do!

Be firm.

Be fun and be firm. They both go together. Be MUM, and realise when to make significant decisions (and gain from your slip-ups when you fail to understand the situation; transpires a great deal).

Be giving.

“Give, give, and give once more. What’s more, when you’re burnt out on giving, simply give somewhat more.” This intelligence from my lovely mother, who isn’t with me any longer, has remained near to my heart. Be giving: it’s not tied in with being a doormat; it’s about unlimited love.

Be just a little bit crazy.

A decent comical inclination goes a long, long way. Grin. Chuckle a ton. Be somewhat insane with a dash of being silly at some point.

Work on a Christmas family show for Christmas Eve. Peruse or showcase the Christmas story, search for a Christmas ballad to discuss, play hymns on instruments, an uncommon move or complete a fake meeting with Mary and Joseph. Great fun in the number one spot up to Christmas!