A Day in The Life of a Stay at home Mum

A mum:

Every day when you get up, she makes breakfast for you, gets you ready for school, packs you a lunch box, gets you to the bus, and she even helps your dad get ready. After all that her day is not over, she has to vacuum the house, clean your rooms, do some laundry, and cook for everybody else. She doesn’t get paid for that she is doing it without any form of payment. Yes, she might ask for some love, but nothing else will suffice here. That person we are talking about doesn’t eat unless we have eaten, she doesn’t sleep unless her children have gone to bed, and still she has the energy to wash the dishes you left after eating. That person we are talking about is none other than our mom.

The day starts:

Every day when she gets up, she knows that she is living for her family. She knows that she has to follow the same routine she did yesterday. She still chooses to do the same thing she did yesterday. She knows that she will not go out to party with her friends or become a millionaire by doing the house chores. Getting up making breakfast for us and getting us ready for our schools and work is all she knows. The routine doesn’t exhaust her, she does this wholeheartedly, and she loves this monotonous routine.

After getting everyone ready, she might sit down and even miss you because she loves you so much that even a second without you might seem like an eternity to her. Then comes around the cleaning tasks and the cooking tasks. After doing everything stay at home mums, might watch some television, and try to remove the stress she has because of her hectic routine. She waits and waits for her children and husband to come home, and when they do her day becomes a little brighter.

Ah, the people she loves are with her once again, the same people for whom she has given up her dreams, and started working as a stay at home mum. For most moms, this is the best part of the day. The family talks to her, and she can see her beloved sitting beside her. After everyone eats at the table, she does the cleaning and helps everyone get to bed early because she knows that you are tired. Most people do not realize that stay at home mums get more tired than a working mom. They don’t feel a need to ask her about her day. The woman has devoted her life to them, and they think that they are privileged. She gives up her hopes and dreams for everyone else. Stay at home mums deserve more love and respect than any of us because they stay at home for us.