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5 Things Teachers Should Keep in Mind When Planning Educational Tours

In school, nothing sparks more interest in kids than the teacher telling them that they are going on a field trip. While the excitement of breaking free from their classes can be irresistible for kids, the work to be put in the field trip to get the most out of it can be quite cumbersome for teachers. School excursions perth are a great way for teachers to bring their kids out in the real world and teach them lessons through hands-on experiences and more of an applied approach. They have to plan it quite meticulously to make sure that they strike a precise balance between fun and learning. So, what are these things a teacher needs to look at while planning an educational field trip? Let’s explore.


Every school has a set amount of budget for their field trips. While planning, you as a teacher need to consult with the administration to get a better idea of the budget and understand what that allows you to do. It’s always better to do so before announcing anything to your class, so if the budget doesn’t allow for something, you won’t end up disappointing the kids in your class.

Prep the kids for the trip

You should remind your kids to not bring any gadgets or game consoles that could get lost on the trip. Relate the lesson to the trip. In the weeks leading up to the educational tour, show them a video or two to help them better relate to the subject matter.
If the tour is of an outdoors location, remind the kids to dress properly and bring along any required medicine.

Prescreen the location

It is always a good idea for teachers to visit the site for their educational tour beforehand. This will allow them to get familiarized with the venue and use any tools available to them to maximize learning. This way teachers get to know of any possible hazards and dangers that may create problems during the trip, and prepare to avoid them as they surface.

Go straight to the source

If you are planning an educational tour on a massive scale and you haven’t done anything like that before, you shouldn’t worry but you should reach out to the relevant authorities directly. For instance, if you are taking the whole school to a museum or a planetarium you should contact the management of these places as they probably have had multiple trips like this and they’re well equipped to help you out.

Keep emergency info at hand

Accidents happen and at times there isn’t anything you can do about it. It’s better that you come prepared with emergency info to avoid any permanent damage and handle the situation effectively and efficiently.

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